Nissan Leaf - Electric Vehicle in Namibia

About the Nissan Leaf

The Nissan Leaf from EVs (Electric Vehicles) Namibia cc is a 5-door EV and ideally suited for driving in and around town for distances up to 110 km (150 km for the 30 kWh models) on a single charge.  If it is plugged in, in between trips, 200km is easily achievable in one day.  Re-charging takes place within about 6 hours from a normal 3-pin 15 Amp household wall socket. On newly installed DC fast chargers as the one at Grove Mall a 60% charge is achieved in less than 30 minutes. We can supply you with a used Leaf RHD (right hand drive) of the second generation (“AZEO”) imported from Japan. About 45 of these Nissan Leaf electric vehicles are in Namibia since February 2018 and they are in daily operation. No problems or faults have been recorded except for a minor hick-ups which we could easily resolved in our workshop. We gladly provide you with references from other Leaf drivers.

Your Nissan Leaf (electric car) from us

It would typically be a model manufactured between 2014 and 2017, with between 30,000 and 80,000 kilometres on the clock. Colour-preferences can be taken care of but it may make it more difficult to match with other preferences like range or specific accessories.

Available Nissan LEAFS

Servicing your LEAF in Namibia does not constitute a problem because the car is virtually service-free. Parts for repair can be obtained either from the local NISSAN agent or from the international market. Repair-information is available via the Internet and from us. We will not leave you without service back-up. Yes, you will be a pioneer EV driver in Namibia. The environmental and financial benefits are too many to mention in this document. We do however suggest that your LEAF is not the only car at your disposal and that it is used as:

  1. Your car for driving in and around town
  2. Town car/mom’s taxi
  3. Post car (for a business)
  4. Car to commute to work or give it to staff to commute to work and back

Electric vehicles specifications: Nissan Leaf

Body and chassis

  • Class: Compact car
  • Body style: 5-door hatchback
  • Layout: Front-motor, front-wheel drive
  • Platform: Nissan EV platform


  • Electric motor: 80 kW (110 hp), 280 N⋅m (210 ft⋅lb) synchronous motor
  • Transmission: Single speed constant ratio (7.94:1)
  • Battery: Model Year 2012-15, 24 kWh (30 kWh from 2017)