Save with an electric vehicle

Nissan Leaf success story - What will yours be?

Oiltechnologies Namibia, discovered how to save with an electric vehicle. They are a local company that specializes in recycling used oil and cleaning separator pits. They also clean oil spills and give disposal certificates. They had a few problems with their daily staff transport in and out of Windhoek:

  1. Staff used to travel in a open bakkie (unsafe)
  2. Unauthorised stops and transport of goods (despite the tracker)
  3. Excessive fuel use and wear and tear (frequent downtime for repairs and services)

So they bought the second Nissan Leaf which was imported to Namibia in February 2018 and still use it daily to commute their staff in and out of Windhoek. The vehicle has been driven through a shack 😱 and had a fairly severe side-swipe collision but has not missed a beat and was able to drive away from both accidents. The parts were ordered at the local Nissan dealer from South Africa without issues.

Here is a very simple cost comparison


Nissan Leaf Gen 1 pre-owned
ex Japan 2011 model 57 000 km

Hyundai H100 2.5D local
2017 model +/- 60 000 km

Km covered

40 000 km covered in 2.5 years 

Costs worked on 40 000 km

Total costs

N$ 0.90 per km 

N$ 3.50 per km

Electricity / Diesel used

Electricity used: N$ 11,660.00 

Diesel N$ 53,328.00


So far N$ 0.00 

N$ 14,000.00

Service due

3 yrs/50 000 km

1 yr/ 10 000 km

Cost of service

+/- N$ 1,500.00 

+/- N$ 3,000.00

Purchase price

N$ 100,000.00 

N$ 230,000.00

Added bonuses of saving with an electric vehicle?

  • Front brake pads can last up to 200 000 km due to inertia being converted to electrical power and charged back into the battery
  • There are fewer moving parts to break so breakdowns are less likely and maintenance is less
  • EVs emmit about 80% less heat than a ICE vehicle overall, so there is less need to use the air-conditioning
  • EVs are, despite the general medias efforts to prove otherwise, safer than their ICE equivalents.

Gideon from Oiltrech

Here is Gideon with the Leaf that he drives for Oiltech. Give him a wave next time you see him on the road!