Nissan Leaf - A real family car


Please read a feedback from one of our happy clients, Mareike Voigts. She and her family drive the car since December 2020 and so far for more than 20.000 km and are extremely happy with their electric vehicle. They also use their Leaf on Krumhoek outside of Windhoek a lot and say that it really drives well on gravel roads. 

After working from home for several years a change of jobs was upcoming for me. This new job entailed that I would much more often have to drive from 25 km outside Windhoek into town. It was clear that that would entail a large number of kilometers having to be driven and we were thinking how to best accommodate that in our budget and our emission consciousness. We were invited to an open day at EVs Namibia and decided to go even though we assumed an EV would not be within our budgets. We found out that we would actually be able to afford a leaf and after consideration decided to get an offer for one.

We received a white leaf for a test drive and since then have not given it back (while paying for it in between). We have now been driving this car since December 2020 and for more than 20 000 km. We share it with other family and community members when possible in order to reduce the costs and emissions of our community further.

We appreciate the named benefits, but also the extremely comfortable driving. No noise, no gears, very good grip on the road and we have even found space for using the leaf for transport purposes. Since we have had the leaf we have run out of electricity once, which did lead to quite some hours of rectifying it, since our 12 V battery has been a bit too old and did not recover from the know, meaning that the car did not turn off, charge or move anymore. But with an external charger and a new 12 V battery the leaf is back to it’s usual self.

We have recommended this car to a number of people and some of them are now indeed leaf owners and leaf lovers. We would always recommend it again.

Mareike Voigts

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Our electric car is just amazing
Nissan Leaf at the coast


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Wednesday, 17 July 2024