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Our electric car is just amazing

Nissan Leat at the horse stables east of Windhoek

We bought our Nissan Leaf (2014 model) in October 2022 and are really, really happy with this new member of the family. We had a solar system installed at our house earlier the year and were looking for an electric car to refinance the solar system on the long run by saving on petrol - A very good decision!

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Nissan Leaf - A real family car


Please read a feedback from one of our happy clients, Mareike Voigts. She and her family drive the car since December 2020 and so far for more than 20.000 km and are extremely happy with their electric vehicle. They also use their Leaf on Krumhoek outside of Windhoek a lot and say that it really drives well on gravel roads. 

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Nissan Leaf at the coast


We did a nice trip from Windhoek to the coast with our Nissan Leaf. See some pictures of the trip!

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