About Us - Electric Vehicles Namibia

Someone had to take the lead and we did!

EV’s Electric Vehicles Namibia cc, was officially founded in 2019 by Conrad Roedern and brothers Jens & Karsten Denk. The founders had been importing, selling, using and maintaining EV’s since 2018, especially Conrad who owned several EV’s by then.

Conrad Roedern: Electric vehicle pioneer and investor

Johannes Ndjamba: Electrical engineer  and EV technician

Mias Rossouw: Procurement and System design and sizing (Registered Electrical responsible person) (SANS 10142)

Jens Denk: Head of Technical and Development

Our Experience with electric cars

The team is made up of highly qualified electrical engineers, millwrights, qualified mechanics, solar energy experts, electric vehicle pioneers and a MD of Toyota dealerships. Their experience in their fields dates back to 1989, and covers motor mechanical, auto-electrical, hybrid and electric drive trains, industrial electrics and electronics, millwright, manufacturing.  EV repair, maintenance and upgrades are our passion!

Our Mission:

  • To accelerate the uptake of Electric Vehicles in Namibia.
  • To demonstrate that Namibia is perfect for EV’s because of the vast distances between towns and the lack of charging infrastructure. 
  • To demonstrate that currently affordable EV’s are perfect for use in and around town i.e. perfect for Namibia.  
  • To change the general public’s mindset about EV’s.
  • To convince people to charge their EV’s as much as possible during the day when renewable energy is at peak. (Namibia has over 60% renewable energy.) 

Our Achievements

  • Sale of 55 electric cars into the Namibian market.
  • Extreme customer satisfaction and care.
  • Installation and commissioning of Namibia’s first DC fast charging station.
  • Estimated 51 tons of CO2 saved.

Our goals

  • Total of 60 EV’s sold by December 2022.
  • Sales of a further 120 EV’s in 2023.
  • Commissioning of 40kWh replacement battery pack.
  • Vehicle financing options for prospective buyers.
  • 2 more charging stations by 2023.
  • Become an OEM new electric vehicle dealership / distributor.

Our Happy clients

Our Products

  • Pre-owned: Nissan Leafs, from N$ 200 000, Nissan e-NV200’s from N$ 350 000, Nissan e-NV200 Evalia 7-seater from N$ 400 000, 
  • Specific models can be imported by prior arrangement and the payment of a minimum deposit of 50% upfront. 
  • Other makes of electric vehicles.
  • Special purpose electric vehicles.
  • Adjustable L1 ( 8A – 32A ) AC chargers.
  • AC fast chargers.
  • DC fast chargers.
  • 40kWh battery repacks.
  • Second life EV cell packs for solar storage.
  • Accessories for EV’s.

Our Services:

  • Electric Vehicle sales , repairs, servicing, preventative maintenance, traction battery and system diagnostics
  • Charger sales, repairs, installation of chargers and charging stations
  • Others: 
    • Technical assistance with solar installations for EV charging. 
    • Modification of electric vehicles for specific purposes eg for disabled persons, off-road applications, higher ground clearance for farm roads, delivery vehicles